Hello. Im a newbie. Ive created a wordpress website about bitcoin and I hope someone can help me. Im Asking an expert t

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Hello. Im a newbie. Ive created a wordpress website about bitcoin and I hope someone can help me. Im Asking an expert t

Postby joept » Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:21 pm

Therefore i came across a very awesome firmware mod for Kncminer Titan owners for batch one and two. Looks like the developer really has done a whole lot with it. It appears they are on their 12th version and it has a really lot bells and whistles you can imagine including:

1 . Auto-bypass regarding dies which cause constant gentle / hard resets. How this works: If a perish has caused more than 5 soft / hard resets within 2 hours then that die will be flagged for autobypass - that means monitoring of its “hashing health” will be further avoided and the die will be on its own. Its DCDC’s will still be checked for temperature conditions although, so if soft / tough resets are being caused by temperature issues.. these will NOT be ignored! The list of dies bypassed is persistent across pi reboots etc, when a cease to live has been bypassed a message will probably be shown on ADVANCED web site w/ an option to clear the autobypass file.
2 . Kept up to date BFGminer to 5. 3. 0
3. Integrated pf4g’s KNCminion webgui extension & additional a link “more goodies” upon status page.

Minor Upgrades:
1 . Disabled http access logging by default(option nonetheless exists to enable in PROCESS page).
2 . Set bfgminer 5. 1 . 0 seeing that default miner to be ran (can still change it to 5. 3. 0 via ENHANCED page).
3. Minor adjustments to ADVANCED running bfgminer version readout.
4. Additional reset count per perish to /var/log/monitordcdc. log
your five. Optimized various sections of the code additions in tracking script.


CONFIGURABLE DCDC OVERHEAT PROTECTION: (The MOST SIGNIFICANT threat to Titan keepers!! ) This feature helps prevent the DCDC’s climbing up to high in temp(granted temps usually are configured below 100C). Dies will be invidiually clock straight down by 25mhz until they may be below the DCDC temp limit specified. Dies will be deterred if 100mhz is not amazing enough.
PROPER DIE RESETS performed when dies go to a “dead” state while mining. First attempts a number of gentle resets, if those attempts fail, bfgminer is discontinued, affected cube powered down, powered up then bfgminer restarted. note: will not deal permanently damaged dies.
On top of that, if certain dies ended up issued nonstop soft resets via KNC’s original program code, because that will lead to a hard reset often using our code, there is a bypass_dies. conf file which manually might be edited for bypassing involving checking die status totally.
OPTION to switch between STOCK 5. 1 . 0 BFGminer vs newer 5. second . 0 BFGminer.
Added numerous meaningful webgui stats.
Main changes in this release: (V. 99b)
FAN-FAIL protection rapid The way this works is usually, if any die DCDC’s are detected 10C within the user specified temp threshold(and DCDC protection is enabled) OR DCDC’s are over 115C(and DCDC protection is definitely enabled) then those dies will be shut off & bfgminer restarted. A warning with big red letters will be thrown up on the REPUTATION page of webgui, furthermore if using the LCD, the message will switch to “Poss. Fan-Fail! ”. Both the STATUS page message & FLATSCREEN message will say what cube(as labeled per webgui innovative page) was flagged because having a possible fan disappointment.
To clear fan-fail message with status page & LCD… a reboot of the pi will be needed. There is no way to physically detect an actual fan failure as it seems there is no sort of fan monitoring suggestions control on these forums, so thats why We came up w/ the rule based fan inability detection.

Minor changes:
1 ) More options in DCDC dropdown menu
2 . Added wall watts estimation to SOPHISTICATED page. Assumes 85% PSU effeciency plus power needed for pi, controllerboard & fans.
3. Replaced default KNC version message on FLAT SCREEN w/ Mod version details

Minor fixes:
1 . Processed hostname(minername) handling & backupname file handling
2 . Removed bfgminer. sh from git & builds to avoid overwriting peoples custom command line arguments for bfgminer.

For all of us that want to check it out, there are more pics here: http://bitcoinlasvegas.net/kncminer-tit ... mware-mod/
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Re: Hello. Im a newbie. Ive created a wordpress website about bitcoin and I hope someone can help me. Im Asking an expe

Postby Kevin Biomech » Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:33 am

Not sure how this fits this forum, other than being crypto related. Vegasguy is a friend, so I'm gonna let it stand for now, but don't post the same thing all over the forum, 'k?
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Hello Im a newbie Ive created a wordpress website about bitcoin and I hope someone can help me Im Asking an expert t

Postby Thomastop » Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:41 am

I consider, what is it — a false way.

О, как...
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Postby Anthonylamp » Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:38 pm

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